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GRESBAL CH 0-0,5 mm
with chamotte

Gresbal is a high-end ceramic paste with unrivaled technical characteristics in its temperature range.

Gresbal offers high density with a temperature range between 1,020 and 1,100 degrees, where its chemical composition makes it possible to achieve exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

Superior in resistance to high-temperature stonewares, gresbal provides better technical results and energy saving.

With a very low porosity, gresbal is the ideal paste for products with high porosity, such as outdoor pots and tableware, which is a problem.

Gresbal synonym of sustainability and resistance.

Firing range: 1020-1100ºC.

 22 %   9,00 % 
 ºC   Weight 
 Porosity   Firing 
 1020ºC     7,01 %   6,00 % 

Biscuit fired: 800-850ºC

Thermal coefficient: 74,80x10-7ºC-1 (25ºC-500ºC)

Technical Data Sheet