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flat disks dal that revolve horizontally, are turned by hand and are used for decorating plates, jars, for banding and sculpture. The wheel head and leg are joined, so to turn it you turn the leg, which pivots on the foot. This allows you to turn what you are decorating so you can work on all sides of the object without having to move. They can be bought in many heights and sizes for sitting and standing and are made with circular indented lines to help center the clay, this part is known as the wheel head


Tournette pied réglable professionel.

Base très stable et lisse rotation.

Parfait pour la sculpture.

Des lignes circulaires sur la plaque permettent de centrer la pièce en céramique.

Pied réglable de (77/125) cm. Tube de chrome F1.


Disponible en différentes tailles: 

DAL 524     Ø24 x (77/125) cm (pied réglable)

DAL 528     Ø28 x (77/125) cm (pied réglable)

DAL 531     Ø31 x (77/125) cm  + STOP (pied réglable)-esculpture



Outillage pour la céramique. DAL Barcelona.