We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and export of ceramic body clays and tools.

We do care about the needs of the small ceramist, the hobby, the artist and the industry, to offer tailor made solutions to all of them.


Closeness and trust with our clients, where the confidentiality and security of their products is our main target.

Responsibility with our environment, setting sustainability and circular economy, objectives in research for new materials, in order to create products with minimized carbon footprint.

Continuous improvement.

Collaboration is evolution, so the vision of artisans, industrialists, and people from outside of the ceramic world inspires us with curiosity and gives us totally new visions that are very important to keep investigating.


The company started up in the early 70’s when the Font family began its activity in the extraction and treatment of clays from their own quarries.

Today the company is as a second generation’s family business.

The treatment and production plant were moved in 2007 near to our quarries, decreasing our carbon footprint.

The new and modern facilities allow us to research into a new generation of products that are much more committed to the company's values and offers tailor made products to the artisan, the artist and the industry, where quality, regularity and respect for the environment make the difference.

In 2010, Quim Font, current CEO, with the aim of improving the customer service and the production’s processes, seeking greater quality and productivity, incorporated new, young, dynamic and proactive multidisciplinary team that would become the backbone of the company.

In 2015, AB Clays acquired DAL BCN - company specialized in the manufacture of tools for the world of ceramics. Founded in 1964, it was born from the need for specialized tools for the faculties of fine arts and schools of arts and crafts in Barcelona. It is currently establishing itself as the brand of quality tools.


dal-logo-jpj-2017        "Made by artisans for artisans"




In addition to ceramists, industrialists, small workshops and the hobby world, due to the diversity of uses of clays and ceramic pastes we have a wide range of clients from very diverse disciplines as well as a large range of industries as landscapers, designers, architects, artists, animal food industry, cosmetic industry, bioconstruction, flooring and wall covering.
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