We mill our clay after letting it oxygenate for years in open spaces and being dried by the relentless Spanish sun.
Thanks to our new biomass burner, the quality and quantity of clays we produce has been drastically improved and we are also able to supply additional sectors that use powdered clays.
– Cosmetics: Clays have the ability to absorb toxins and excess oils from the skin. Clay powder is used in natural cosmetics for face masks and body treatments in spas and beauty centers. Regular treatments with clay revitalize and clean the skin, while improving blood circulation.
– Animal feeding: The ingestion of clay is common for grain-fed animals, considering that agricultural fields often contain clay. Currently, clays are mixed with fodder to complement the diet of animals that do not receive it directly from nature. 
– Bio-construction: Natural materials such as clay, help to build robust, efficient and sustainable homes. At the moment, clay is used for bio-construction to create habitats that are healthy for its inhabitants and the environment. The goal is the avoidance of toxic materials and the reduction of atmospheric- and electromagnetic pollution.